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    What lessens one lessens us all.



    Giving Back is Our Bottom Line



    We believe in the power of charitable giving and purposeful profits to drive change and help those in need.


    We examine the cost and its worth relative to the depth and breadth of the resulting impact.


    We give back to our great nation, its citizens, and the animals that are entrusted to watch over without reservation and weight of importance of any recipient.


    We believe in humility. We push for the truth. We invest in bold innovation and disruption.


    We are blind to the color and net worth of a person for all humans are equal and worthy.


    We embrace the awkwardness that every start-up must experience and endure in order to accomplish our mission.


    You + 2 has much to accomplish--mountains to climb; yet, we are aware that we must carefully select our mountains before we boast of how easy the incline appears to be.


    Kindness and generosity are at our core. We seek donors, entrepreneurs, collaborators, and mentors to make You + 2 the very best social servant it can possibly be.


    We bring to the table a connectedness to our nation's downtrodden and we desire to connect with you in that same vein.

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