• What We Do. How We Do It. Why We Do It.


    You +2 is Dedicated to All Humans and Animals in Need, to Exist in Safety and Security Within Our Borders, With Empathy, Love, and Support, in Order to Live a Fulfilling, Healthy, and Prosperous Life.





    To give hope to those who need it most.






    A better world through kindness to people and animals.




    Core Values:


    Respect for all humans and animals that inhabit the earth.


    Ethical conduct day in and out.


    Activism that creates effective and cost-efficient change, making each

    dollar donated a bigger impact for the cause and the donor alike.


    Love and be mindful.




    Why We Exist:


    To lead by example, pioneering new ideas to better

    the lives of people, pets, and charitable donors.



    Golden Rule:


    To treat all living things as we ourselves would wish to be treated.


    From Apathy to Lending

    a Helping Hand

    From Too Busy to an Example

    of Generosity

    From Cage to Loving Home With

    Windows for Bird Watching

    From Invisible to Visible

    From Stress to Security

    From Indifference to Gratitude

    for Protecting Our Nation

    From Dark and Alone to

    a New, Loyal Friend

    From Chemo to Ballet Lessons

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