• 75 Cents of Each $1.00 Donated Goes Directly to Charitable Causes

    You + 2 is a Social Benefit, LLC


    Even though we are not required to publish our financials, You + 2 pledges to provide information about our programs and services, the use of donations, the impact of our work, and our fundraising costs.


    You + 2 represents a culture of reporting, transparency, and accountability even

    when it is not required.



    How Do You Know Your Giving

    Has Made a Difference?


    1. Whenever possible, we travel to meet the organizations and people your money is donated to.


    2. We only bring you a series of high-impact charitable opportunities related to society’s most vulnerable people and animals.


    3. For each selection, we regularly update the background and rating on each charitable organization working in their respective space.


  • A failure to recognize the change and unstoppable force 2 humans can

    bring about within our nation is a blind underestimation without equal.

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