• You + 2's groundbreaking approach to fundraising and donor appreciation

    provides an open door into the mind of the new donor in a new age.




    Donors Fall on Hard Times, Too


    Although somewhat nonconventional, "going-to-bat" to support our donors and increase their standard of living.


    One-quarter of Americans are 1 paycheck away from a financial crisis: they don't have $1,000 for a car repair or hospital visit. Only a small percentage of Americans save over $100 a month.


    Yet, they sacrifice to give to charity. And, the lower income-population out-gives the middle class and in some measures, they out-give the wealthy.


    Who is there for them? Working 2-3 jobs diminishes a person's true and complete freedom- and is a health hazard.


    People who help people and pets in need deserve a helping hand paying off debts, advancing their standard of living, and to have funds available to save.




    Using Incentives and Rewards


    Business shouldn’t be a bad word in the fundraising industry. Having a business mindset is what turns ideas into impact.


    Output into outcomes. Mission realized.

    To fully employ the enormous power of You + 2, donating to charity sometimes require a fair and reasonable incentive. This is due in part to the immense popularity of referral systems that are now a must-have for a company to be competitive. Consumers have grown to expect a reward,


    Some systems reward with a product or bonus points; yet, the programs that give cash and cash credit see a significant increase in consumer interest and participation. To ignore a referral system within charitable giving is out-of-step with society and leaves millions, eventually billions, of dollars on-the-table.


    Social experiments show clear evidence that a friend will likely do, within reason, what a good friend asks of them.




    Efficient Fundraising


    Marketing expenses and salaries are inevitable for nearly all nonprofits. Nevertheless, the absence of big media buys leaves much-needed funds for the represented cause.


    When asked, people say the #1 reason they give to charity is simple: because someone they trusted asked them to.


    You + 2 raises funds without costly call centers, robo-callers, email, postal mail, TV ads, and neighborhood canvassing.





    You + 2 participants gain an education about the nonprofit sector and the specific nonprofits we donate to throughout the year.


    Each nonprofit has a specific cause and is an invitation to learn about its positive impact on the receivers as well the giver.


    Giving is good for our wellbeing, relieves stress, and keeps us mindful of the Golden Rule.


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